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South Coast Pop up Cinema

At Hijack Cinema we show the films that you love, wherever we can get away with.

Quite simply we don't believe that the medium of film should be confined to just boring multiplex cinemas, so we've made it our mission to show the most awesome films in the most awesome locations.

Mainly operating on the South Coast we are always looking to create the extraordinary, so whether its summer flicks in pretty parks or Halloween horrors in disgusting dungeons, join us for a cinematic experience like you've never had before.

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Frequently asked questions

We hope that you find the answer to your question in here, however if not email contact@hijackcinema.co.uk and we'll be more than happy to help. 


Q: Can I bring something to sit on? 

A: Yes! cushions, blankets, camping chairs, air-beds, your front room sofa. We want you to be as comfortable as possible. Just please be mindful of those sitting behind you. 

Q: Group tickets? 

A: Yes! We've had whole drama schools before, just promise to sing along. Groups of 10+ email us!

Q: Is there food and drink on sale?

A: Yes, we have an array of popcorn and confectionery on sale throughout the film. You're also more than welcome to bring your own picnic, we've seen some great spreads in the past.  

Q: What should I wear? 

A: Wrap up warm!! Even the hottest summer days get chilly at night.

Q: Should I bring anything? 

A: Just your ticket in some form, something to sit on preferably and something warm to snuggle in. You're also more than welcome to bring a bottle of wine with some spare glasses for us ;) 

Q: Are families welcome?

A: Yes! We are a great event for all the family. However the age rating of the film is the maximum age for that screening, so if the film is rated a 12+ we will not permit anyone under this age entry.

Q: What time does the film start? 

A: Our hands are a bit tied on this one, we can't start the film until the sun has gone fully down. Each film will have an approximate starting time but please bare in mind this may vary slightly on the day until the sun has taken his hat off, hip hip hooray. 

Q: Do I need to print off my tickets? 

A: No! You can have your e-ticket on a mobile device that will be scanned upon entry. 

Q: Is there disabled access? 

A: Yes! most the venues that we use are public parks so wheelchair access is not a problem, do email to double check beforehand though.  

Q: Are there toilets on site? 

A: Yes! All of our events have portable toilets at them so you don't have to worry about running off too far. 

Q: Are there tickets on the door? 

A: Yes! We hold back some tickets for stragglers, but be early to avoid disappointment. 

Q: Something has come up and I cant make it any more. 

A: Our tickets are non refundable, however if you contact us we can try our best to swap your tickets for a different screening. 

Q: Is there parking on site?

A:  Yes there will be parking not too far, because we use central locations we're never too far from a car park, however this isn't always directly on site. 

Q: Can I bring pets? 

A: No, sorry but in the interests of everybody having the best time possible, we'd prefer if you didn't bring any animals with you, no matter how well behaved.

E: contact@hijackcinema.co.uk 

T: 0207 0603 653

M: 07562 258040